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The Chinese of America by Jack Chen (117,000 words, 39 illustrations, maps, tables and charts)

This eBook edition appears to coincide with the acquisition of the
Exclusion/Inclusion Exhibition from the New York Historical Society by the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco (CHSA).

“Before World War I, when Chinese contributed importantly to the building of America by constructing the transcontinental railroads and by digging gold and coal, three-fifths of them came from one small district of their homeland; until 1943, immigration laws fostered their concentrations in ‘Chinatowns’; only after World War II did they start integrating into American life. This is the best general account of their culture, contributions and problems.” —
The New York Times

“In this lucidly and beautifully written account of Chinese immigrants in America from the 19th century to the present, Jack Chen has done a superb job of casting history into a perspective of broad understanding of nation building combined with a sense of ethnic pride.” — William Liu, University of Illinois at Chicago,
American Journal of Sociology

“Most interesting and certainly much needed.” —
John King Fairbank, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of History, Emeritus, Harvard University

“Working with numerous excellent, recently published monographs, archival materials, and unpublished papers by young scholars, Chen has written a highly readable book, the most comprehensive and detailed account to date.” — S. F. Chung,
The Journal of Asian Studies