William Schack

Schack headshot
Born in New York City, William Schack (1898-1988) graduated from Cornell University with an A.B. in chemistry. He worked as a research chemist for the National Bureau of Standards before becoming a cultural journalist and reviewer of Yiddish theater. In addition to editing several trade publications and writing drama reviews for The New York Times for more than ten years, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Mexico. His articles on art, travel, industrial and social topics have appeared in numerous magazines, including Midstream, Commentary Magazine, Architectural Forum, The Arts, Parnassus, Asia and Current History. Translator and adapter of plays by H. Leivick, Ernst Toller, and Aaron Zeitlin, he is also the author of And He Sat Among the Ashes, a biography of the long-neglected artist Louis M. Eilshemius published in 1939. Art and Argyrol was originally published in 1960. Schack’s papers are at the Archives of American Art.

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